Important notice

Please note, that the time in the schedule is the time of matches, the pregame practice starts 25 minutes before the match!

March 14th (THU)

16:00HUN 1 – CHI 2HUN 5 – POL 2
18:30CHI 1 – HUN 3FRA – POL 3
21:00RUS 1 – HUN 2POL 1 – RUS 3

March 15th (FRI)

08:00RUS 2 – SCOHUN 4 – DEN
10:30CHI 2 – HUN 5POL 2 – HUN 1
13:00HUN 3 – FRAPOL 3 – CHI 1
16:00HUN 2 – POL 1RUS 3 – RUS 1
18:30SCO – HUN 4DEN – RUS 2
21:00HUN 5 – HUN 1CHI 2 – POL 2

March 16th (SAT)

08:00FRA – CHI 1HUN 3 – POL 3
10:30POL 1 – RUS 1HUN 2 – RUS 3
13:00HUN 4 – RUS 2SCO – DEN
16:00A3 – B2 (W1)B3 – A2 (W2)
18:30C3 – D2 (W3)D3 – C2 (W4)
21.00W4 – A1 (SEMI 1)W3 – B1 (SEMI 2)

March 17th (SUN)

08:00W2 – C1 (SEMI 3)W1 – D1 (SEMI 4)
11:00SEMI 1– SEMI 2SEMI 3 – SEMI 4
14:00Gold Medal GameBronze Medal Game



All games will be scheduled for 8 ends with maximum 1 extra end to break tied games. A minimum of 6 ends must be played. If the extra end is blanked, the team without hammer wins. The first listed team in schedule has the first practice. Both teams have 5 minutes, followed by 2 DSC in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Time clocks will be used (22 minutes for each teams) and one timeout is allowed. After the 4th end there will be a 5 minutes break. The umpire may 45-second warnings to a team that is playing slow. The rules of WCF are standard in the competition.


16 Teams will play in 4 groups of 4 teams. A round-robin is played within the groups. The top teams (1st place in group) proceed to the quarterfinals, 2nd and 3rd in the groups play qualification for quarter final. After qualification we play the quarter-, semi-, and final.


The most current version of WCF rules apply. Only currently WCF approved broompads will be allowed on the field of play. Each player must nominate one broom before the game. That player may only sweep with that broom for the entire game. Switching broompads is not allowed during the game unless in an unexpected case.

Group phase

The first named team in the draw will play with the yellow stones and the second named team will play with the blue stones. An LSD played before the start of the game shall determine the team having the decision on the placement of the “positioned” stones in the first end. Stones that do not finish in the house are recorded as 199,6 cm. Stones that finish so close to the button that they cannot be measured will be measured by the new measuring system. The team with the shorter LSD distance will have the choice of stone placement in the first end. If the LSD’s are equal the team with a shorter single shot have the choice. If this is tied as well a coin toss will determine which team has the choice. Each player has to deliver minimum 2 LSD’s in clockwise direction and 2 LSD’s in counter clockwise direction during the round-robin. For teams that do not meet this requirement, their best LSD result will be replaced by 199,6 cm before calculating the DSC. Best DSC team will be rewarded.


Semifinal losers will play the 3rd place game. Loser teams in the quarterfinals will be ranked 5th. The better ranked team has the choice of choosing stone color or practice. If both teams ranked the same in their group the better LSD team has the choice. If two teams have already played against each other, no LSD shots are required.

Prize Pool

1st1500 €
2nd1000 €
3rd800 €
4th500 €
5-8th300 €